The Columbia Brewery, makers of Kokanee Beer

The Columbia Brewery is situated in the center of Creston. Attracted to the area by the water and central location back in the 1950's the brewery has become world famous for its brewing of Kokanee beer. As recent as May 1996, Kokanee was awarded a silver medal in world wide competition against some very major brewers!
Brewery tours are available all summer long, starting June 10th through to September 6th. The only stipulation to be on the tour is that you wear appropriate footwear.... no open shoes!
More information on Kokanee and the Columbia Brewery is available at the un-official Kokanee page.
The Brewery is located at 1220 Erickson Street in Creston. Just look for the tallest building in town (located to the south of the main street, just pass the college).

ps: say Hi to the guy in the Brewhouse control room.... it just might be me!

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