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Literacy B.C.Canadian Flag
Information most pertinent to British Columbians, but some good references for anyone.
ABC CANADACanadian Flag
Canadian Literacy organization. Presented very nicely. Very helpful, with lots of articles and links.
Literacy FactsCanadian Flag
From ABC Canada, some very interesting statistics. Worth the time to look at, especially for presentations.
Project L.O.V.E.Canadian Flag
P.E.I. project that involves retirees in daily classroom activites. Great idea.
IALS (International Adult Literacy Survey)Canadian Flag
1994 Survey of eight countries. Very interesting and helpful. The place to start for beginners.
A Disney family site. Way more helpful than expected. Lots of interesting parenting/teaching articles.
PBS Literacy Link - Adults In Need
Interesting article about adult literacy and how differnt types of programs are successful/unsuccessful. The rest of the site looked promising also.
Kids Campaigns!
Many articles on diverse topics, including literacy. Very interesting.
Learning styles inventories and tests
About ten different tests (aptitude, learning styles, etc), but some don't work.
Math Funds Penguin