Creston British Columbia

Video Tours of The Creston Valley

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Motorcycle ride through Creston B.C. by Allan Tucker.

video_tour1.jpg - 3562 Bytes In the summer of 2011 Allan Tucker took a six part video series of the Creston valley area showing the route from Home Hardware in Creston up to Gray Creek on Highway 3A.
I did visit Creston and the valley again this summer, and I also stopped in at the Truscott Farm fruitstand and also stayed in the Sunset Motel in town.

I also took these videos, one of entering Creston from the east on Hwy 3 and also completed the mini series I started with adding some additional videos north of Gray Creek right up to the Kootenay Bay landing.

video_tour2.jpg - 3562 Bytes Heading into the town of Creston, this video starts just east of the towns welcome sign and follows Hwy 3 into the town centre to the cross street of 16 Ave by the Esso station.
video_tour3.jpg - 3562 Bytes Since I started this mini part series last summer, I had omitted areas near to Gray Creek, Crawford Bay, Kootenay Bay and the ferry landing.
So this summer I've filled in most of these missing areas with these additional videos.
video_tour4.jpg - 3562 Bytes Continuing northwards on Highway 3A, this portion of the video series shows the area south of the Cedar Grove campground and then it continues onto the southern part of the Gray Creek region.
video_tour5.jpg - 3562 Bytes Continuing the ride northwards on Highway 3A, this portion of the video series shows me riding into the community of Crawford Bay from the south.
video_tour6.jpg - 3562 Bytes Continuing northwards on Highway 3A, after leaving the Crawford Bay area and going up the hill just west of town, the final video of this ten part video series shows me on the decent heading towards the ferry landing at Kootenay Bay.
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